Luminix Translator

  • Get quality translations by working with translators that understand your vision and your target audience.
  • Slash administrative costs by letting us translate important documents automatically.
  • Leave it to us to keep the translation up-to-date.
  • Get access to the tools (translation memory, terminology lists) we develop while we translate.

Luminix Editor

  • Your personal editor, whenever you need one.
  • Eliminate administrative costs by letting us review important documents automatically.
  • Order a language analysis that gives suggestions on how to improve content.

Luminix Publisher

  • Get a website designed from the start to support easy translation and/or review.
  • If you need a domain name and hosting, we can arrange those too.
  • If your web project is more complex, we can point you towards one of our partners. They will ensure your website is built with your vision in mind, while Luminix handles the translations.

Luminix Assistant

  • Let us help you design a language strategy and an efficient content creation/translation workflow.
  • Save time and improve the quality of your product by taking into account any localisation needs from the start.
  • Just contact us and briefly describe your project to see whether we can help you out.